Easily Overwhelmed?

Are you...

 - "Too Sensitive?"

 - A People-Pleaser?

 - Overly Apologetic?

 - Tired of Your Inner Critic?

 - Someone Who Thinks They Are Broken?

 - Feeling Uncomfortable in Your Own Skin? 

 If so, you're in the right place!

 Specializing In Treating Introverts & HSPs with: 


Highly Sensitive Person

Are you part of the 20% population that is highly sensitive? 


Approximately 1 out of every 5 men and women fall into this category.  


Welcome, You Are Not Alone!

  What does HSPmean?

HSP stands for Highly Sensitive Person.  Have you ever been told:

  •  You’re too sensitive.

  •  Why can't you just relax?

  •  Why are you overreacting?

  •  You need to toughen up.

  •  Don’t let it bother you.

  •  You should lighten up.

If that sounds familiar, you may be an HSP.

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 What is an Introvert?

A person who:

  • You enjoy spending time alone.

  • You may feel uncomfortable making small talk with strangers.

  • You prefer email or text messages instead of a phone call.

  • You are easily overstimulated.

  • Being in large crowds or loud parties can drain your energy.


If this sounds familiar, you may be  an introvert.  

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  What is an Empath?

An empath is a highly sensitive person who feels and absorbs other people’s emotions and/or physical symptoms.


Empaths often filter the world through their intuition and sometimes have a hard time attaching a reason to their feelings. 

To see if you might be an Empath, check out this quiz.

 Who I Serve:

Women Who Identify As...

Highly Sensitive




I am not the therapist for everyone

I am a therapist in Volusia County who specializes in EMDR, CBT and talk therapy for women with anxiety, low self-esteem, perfectionism, mild depression, and ADHD.

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Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Hawaii License #SW3989

Florida License #SW15514

New Jersey License #44SC05607200

Specializing in EMDR & CBT Therapy for Introverted & Highly Sensitive Women (HSP)


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