Easily Overwhelmed?

Are you...

 - "Too Sensitive?"

 - A People-Pleaser?

 - Overly Apologetic?

 - Tired of Your Inner Critic?

 - Someone Who Thinks They Are Broken?

 - Unable to Let Go of Things that Have Happened? 

 If so, you are in the right  place!


 Is this you?

Do you feel unworthy for taking up space in this world?

Do you find yourself replaying interactions over and over, getting upset with

yourself over what you said (or didn't say?)

Do you stay quiet to avoid saying "something stupid?"

Do you put off making decisions out of fear of making the wrong one?

Do you avoid confrontation it at all costs even if it means you have to be uncomfortable?

Do you feel selfish if you are not anticipating everyone else's needs before your own?

Do you feel guilty if you take time for yourself?

Is your head full of "I should be doing this....I should have said that"?

Do you sometimes not even know who you are because you have tried to be

who everyone else wants you to be?

Are there times you don't even feel comfortable in your own skin?

If you answered yes,

you may have just found your therapist!

 Specializing In Treating Introverts, Empaths & HSPs with: 


Highly Sensitive Person

Are you part of the 20% population that is highly sensitive? 


Approximately 1 out of every 5 men and women fall into this category.  


Welcome, You Are Not Alone!

  What does HSPmean?

HSP stands for Highly Sensitive Person.  Have you ever been told:

  •  You’re too sensitive.

  •  Why can't you just relax?

  •  Why are you overreacting?

  •  You need to toughen up.

  •  Don’t let it bother you.

  •  You should lighten up.

If that sounds familiar, you may be an HSP.

Click HERE to find out.



 What is an Introvert?

A person who:

  • You enjoy spending time alone.

  • You may feel uncomfortable making small talk with strangers.

  • You prefer email or text messages instead of a phone call.

  • You are easily overstimulated.

  • Being in large crowds or loud parties can drain your energy.


If this sounds familiar, you may be  an introvert.  

Click HERE to find out.

  What is an Empath?

An empath is a highly sensitive person who feels and absorbs other people’s emotions and/or physical symptoms.


Empaths often filter the world through their intuition and sometimes have a hard time attaching a reason to their feelings. 

To see if you might be an Empath, check out this quiz by Dr. Judith Orloff.

Who I Serve:

Women Who Identify As...

Highly Sensitive




I am not the therapist for everyone

I am a therapist in Volusia County who specializes in EMDR, CBT and talk therapy for women with anxiety, low self-esteem, perfectionism, and mild depression

Are you ready to let go of your

past and be free?

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Hey You!

Is this your first time to my website or have you visited before but weren’t ready to start counseling? 


I know when I first started seeing a therapist I put it off for a few months, browsing her website but avoiding taking the next step.  I would manage to talk myself out of it, convincing myself that I didn’t “need” therapy. 


I felt like there were people who experienced way worse things than me and they were getting by without therapy.  Did I even have enough wrong with me, I wondered? 


The truth was that I should have started many years ago. Turns out I had PLENTY wrong with me! :)  It was the best thing I have done for myself.


It is not my job to judge your “issues” and determine whether or not they are bad enough to need therapy.  If something feels off to you, enough to bring you to this website, then I can almost guarantee you it is “bad enough.” 


I am not telling you all of this so you will make an appointment with me.  I am telling you this in the hopes that you will make a therapy appointment with someone. Please don't put it off any longer.

Sensitive  Soul  Therapy



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9:00am - 4:30pm


Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Hawaii License #SW3989

Florida License #SW15514

New Jersey License #44SC05607200

Specializing in CBT & EMDR Therapy for Introverted & Highly Sensitive Women (HSP)


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