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I have been so blessed in getting to do therapy with so many amazing people!  Here are a few examples of how I have worked with men and women just like you.* 


Before starting counseling, "Antonio" was at a crossroads in his career. 


He had just been laid off and wasn't sure if he wanted to pursue another job in the same field. 


His job loss affected his confidence and was starting to affect his relationship with his partner as well.

After 3 months of sessions, Antonio is happy to report that he has decided to return to school to pursue another career. 


Through working together, we discovered his true purpose and realized his previous job wasn't allowing him to use his gifts and talents to his full potential. 


Since finding his true vocational calling he has had the confidence in himself to propose to his partner. 

He believes that with his new profession he will be a good provider to his partner and their children if they decide to start a family.*


Before coming to therapy, "Brittney" had never had a serious relationship. 


She was in her late-twenties and had only casually dated men a few times. 


While helping her explore her past, Brittney remembered an extended time in elementary school where she was bullied by an older boy. 


Through using EMDR Brittney made the connection between the bullying incident and why she didn't trust men enough to get in a close relationship. 


During several sessions she was able to undo the "hidden" belief she had that "boys couldn't be trusted." 


She was able to process those buried memories of the abuse she suffered by the bully and change her thinking about not feeling safe around males. 

With the help of EMDR she has been able to see just how limiting her old "stuck" belief was. 


She has rid herself of her old, unhelpful thinking and it has allowed her to thrive.


Brittney has started to explore the idea of entering into a serious relationship and has gone on several dates with a new friend!*


"Carl" grew up in a home where it was heavily implied that "boys don't cry." 


Carl's brother and father where what Carl described as "manly men."  

Carl always felt like there was something wrong with him because he was more emotional than the other men in his family.


Carl began to feel anxious and depressed about his sensitivity. 


He would often call himself names if he got upset and started to suppress his feelings. 


Through suppressing his feelings he began to notice he was easily angered and had a temper.

After taking the HSP questionnaire in our first session, Carl discovered he was "highly sensitive". 


This explanation helped him accept himself for who he was.


Once he learned more about being a highly sensitive male he began to express himself more and his rage began to subside.

Carl and I continue to work together on self-acceptance and how to deal with his family who continue to view his sensitive traits as negative.* 




Prior to our therapy work together, Debbie had seen several different counselors while in her late thirties and early forties without any relief. 


Debbie couldn't quite put her finger on it, but she often felt anxious and uneasy and didn't know why.


  She reported having difficulty opening up to any professionals after having a bad experience with a psychiatrist she saw when she was in her twenties.

Debbie felt the psychiatrist belittled the reasons she sought treatment, making her feel as though other people had childhoods than were much worse than hers and that she shouldn't be "complaining."

This caused Debbie to minimize her concerns whenever she got the courage to start working with a new counselor  


She would unknowingly sabotage her own treatment.

When Debbie reluctantly reached out to me I explained to her about small traumas ("small t") and big traumas ("BIG T").

This helped Debbie realize that although she may not have had a single significant trauma in her childhood, such as a rape or death of a parent, she experienced a lot of less significant traumas that definitely had a cumulative impact and effect over time. 


I validated Debbie's experiences and allowed her to appropriately process the negative childhood events she experienced in a safe, supportive environment without any judgment or shame.  

Debbie has since discharged as is doing great!*

*Names and all identifying information has been changed to protect the anonymity of the client.

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