Witnessed a lot of trauma?  

Seen the unthinkable?


Repetitive experiences of disturbing events can be

emotionally and physically exhausting.


Do any of these sound familiar?






FIRST RESPONDER ONLINE COUNSELING was created after a conversation

with my brother, pictured left, about the disproportionately high number of

suicides in the first responder community. 

I asked him if his department provided any type of Suicide Prevention training and

he mentioned they once had a seminar facilitated by a fellow firefighter.


My next question was whether he noticed a decline in the suicide rate or felt

this training was effective.  His answer was that the firefighter who ran

the seminar took his life shortly thereafter.   

That's not acceptable.  In fact, that's bullshit.


That conversation made me wonder if first responders (firefighters, police, medics,

911 dispatch, ER staff) were getting their needs met.  


In order to help fill the gap, and hopefully work towards stoping the stigma

of getting therapy,I started FIRST RESPONDER ONLINE COUNSELING.

We don't have to do touchy-feely, we can just shoot strait with

short-term, solution-focused therapy.


 You don't have to suffer any longer.

Are you ready to get back to your old self? 




That's me at the Florida Firefighter Safety & Health Collaborative "Clinician Awareness Program"

-  Always irritable 

-  Having nightmares

-  Getting angry easily 

-  Feeling constantly on edge

-  Suffering from flashbacks 

-  Experiencing mood swings

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